X JOURNEY Backcountry Trekking Photo & Story Magazine 2015

X JOURNEY Backcountry Trekking Photo & Story Magazine 2015

X JOURNEY 2015 (c) Jason Hummel

X JOURNEY 2015 awakes dreams:
The second issue of the bilingual X JOURNEY Backcountry Trekking Photo & Story Magazine will be
available June 20, 2015. In line with the beginning of summer, X JOURNEY will take you to some
of the most beautiful places on earth: to the coastline of the Algarve, Portugal, to the Kungsleden Trail
in Sweden, the Sagarmatha National Parc, Nepal, the region of Cordon del Plata, Argentina,
the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand and to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, USA.
Exciting stories about multi-day trekking tours are presented on 104 pages, captured in words and
photos by adventurers who took a break from the usual and traveled to destinations that have so
far been reserved for very few people. Breathtaking images display unique moments in nature and
underline the lasting and sensitive impressions that both show and were absorbed by people who
leave unusual traces. More detailed information on the suggested gear and equipment for this trip
as well as lots of additional useful information is available by scanning the QR-code of each story or
at www.xjourney-magazin.com.
A great gift for everyone who loves the mountains and nature.
X JOURNEY is available at train station and airport bookstores, select newsstands, and online at www.xjourney-magazin.com.

Photographers 2015: Fredrik Schenholm, Cody Duncan, Jason Hummel, Christian Wittig, Valentin Rapp und Martin Fiala


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