Uniting Mallorca’s future: sustainability as a joint effort

Uniting Mallorca

Eterra Group – Mallorcas future with Daniel Slenters and Sven Bading

In the world of real estate development, ETERRA stands out with an architectural philosophy deeply rooted in respect and appreciation for the local culture and history of Mallorca. ETERRA Iberia SL, a company specializing in sustainable real estate development, underscores its commitment to environmental protection by supporting the goals of the Mallorca Preservation Foundation. The Mallorca Preservation Foundation (MAPF), founded in May 2017, leads a remarkable initiative dedicated to preserving the exceptional natural beauty of Mallorca. This movement aims to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection and preserve the island for future generations.

Sustainable Architecture – Natural and Harmonious

ETERRA’s projects are developed under strict sustainability criteria, employing renewable energy sources, sustainable materials, and smart building technologies to minimize ecological footprints. This philosophy reflects the vision of the Balearic Government, which aims to make the islands a leading holiday destination with a circular economy. This vision is supported by independent environmental organizations and the local community and resonates with architects and developers who recognize a clear trend towards ecological responsibility. Daniel Slenters, a driving force behind ETERRA Iberia SL, emphasizes that modern architecture should reflect the stories of a place. This belief is manifested in ETERRA Iberia SL’s projects, which harmoniously blend traditional elements, such as Mallorcan stone walls and wooden beams, with modern design principles like clean lines and open spaces.

The standout project „ANDRATX HILLS“ by ETERRA, a luxurious apartment complex currently under construction, impressively illustrates this philosophy. An innovative multi-level construction approach allows the project to double the building area without compromising the residents‘ privacy or the surrounding green spaces. Slenters describes „ANDRATX HILLS“ as a showcase project that aligns luxury with sustainability and privacy, with each housing unit individually designed to highlight the project’s uniqueness.

A study by the Mallorca Architectural Institute points out that such forward-thinking projects not only enrich the local architectural landscape but also stimulate demand for real estate rooted in local culture and modern orientation. Through this approach, ETERRA impressively demonstrates how the future viability of properties can be achieved by carefully considering sustainability strategies and a deep understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the location.

Eterra Group – Pioneering in Mallorca Securing Quality of Life for Future Generations

The efforts of the MAPF and its partners are a shining example of the power of collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society to promote sustainable solutions for environmental issues. The Balearic initiative to „democratize“ power generation, allowing consumers to band together to use solar systems, is another step towards self-sufficiency and sustainable development. These measures show a clear path on how we can protect nature and promote sustainable construction and living concepts.

The MAPF’s approach is comprehensive, including both financial and active support. Daniel Slenters, Managing Partner of ETERRA Iberia SL, emphasizes that support for the foundation can go beyond financial contributions and invites everyone to engage in practical actions such as beach clean-ups and collecting plastic and trash.

The MAPF and its supporters like ETERRA Iberia SL are pioneering the way to a more sustainable future. By combining commitment, innovation, and collaborative effort, they offer an inspiring blueprint for preserving nature and promoting sustainable development, which can serve as a model for other regions and communities worldwide.

Author: Valentin Jahn, Futurist and Blogger

About the Author: Valentin Jahn is a graduate sociologist with a focus on technology (studied at the Technical University of Berlin). He has been a project leader in „Digitalization“ for over 10 years and a consultant specializing in mobility for over 15 years.

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