New Way of Living: Serviced Apartments in Business Metropolises

Enjoy a new way of living in a serviced apartment, including high comfort and services adapted to individual needs. Serviced apartments are becoming more and more popluar, especially in bigger cities.

New Way of Living: Serviced Apartments in Business Metropolises

City Apartments Frankfurt

Completely furnished apartments with individual furnishings are getting more and more popular, not only amongst business travelers. Additional services ensure the desired high comfort. The niche market of renting serviced apartments is growing and expanding in popular business destinations.
Furnished apartments offer travelers during their stay in a foreign city a home away from home, without expensive and time-consuming setting up or delivery of furniture – everything they need to do, is to move in. Completely equipped apartments, with high class furnishings and exclusive design address especially an international clientele. The niche market of renting fully furnished serviced apartments is growing first of all in big cities. Apartments in combination with additional services offer guests the high comfort of a hotel, whereby they can enjoy privacy and independency at the same time.
The concept of renting serviced apartments for short and long term rentals has been established successfully in Vienna by viennaresidence | business rental apartments. Together with its partners the agency was able to set up an exclusive selection of high class furnished apartments, spread over the whole city of Vienna. The main target groups are business travelers as well as diplomats, who are moving to Vienna for a week up to a year or longer. No matter for what reason guests are coming to Vienna, the viennaresidence apartments offer a home to feel comfortable, like home away from home.
Due to the growing popularity of such serviced apartments in bigger cities, viennaresidence founded World Wide Residence | business rental apartments with the goal, to extend the successful concept to other destinations. In doing so the first city is Frankfurt am Main, where the agency rents right now eighteen modern furnished business apartments to an international clientele under the name of City Apartments Frankfurt.
Frankfurt am Main has developed to one of the most important centers of the world and as a popular city for expats, there are many business travelers around. One reason is amongst others the perfect geographical location, middle in the heart of Europe, with excellent public transport system.
It is not for nothing that Frankfurt is often called “Mainhattan” or “Bankfurt” and in the German metropolis numerous big companies come together in a landscape full of futuristic sky scrapers. Although the city is one of the most important financial centers of Europe, it has also other qualities than those of a business center with the significant Frankfurter stock exchange or the well-known trade fair location. Those qualities include for example high class and trendy restaurants and bars, important museums, sights and historic buildings as well as green areas close to or in the city, that are perfect for relaxation from a stressful day or the busy city. The parks and recreational areas fulfill the charm of Frankfurt am Main.
Due to the reputation of Frankfurt as the “most American city in Europe” one might think, that it is wide spread and big, whereas it”s quite the opposite as it is compact and not too big. You can walk through the city easily and also the public transport system is really good and makes it easy to explore the metropolis on the Main River. The modern, cosmopolitan city in the heart of the Rhein-Main region combines both business and cultural aspects and has developed to a city with high living quality.
For World Wide Residence is the destination Frankfurt a new, exciting project, where they rent serviced business apartments to an international clientele, for both short or long term stays in the German city.

viennaresidence | business rental apartments offers a selection on exclusive furnished Business and Luxury Apartments in Vienna. The apartments are adapted for short as well as long term rentals and offer an ambience to feel comfortable.

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