Ndoro Sculpture Garden – Malindi Kenya

Ndoro Sculpture Garden - Malindi Kenya

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Tucked away on the outskirts of Malindi lays a hidden gem, the Ndoro Sculpture Garden. Here you will find a class collection of modern African sculptures. The African Sculptures come a long way, back in the early 1960s; young artists from Zimbabwe made an international impact with exhibitions in France, Britain and the USA. Since then Zimbabwe stone sculptures are widely acknowledged as some of the finest art coming out of Africa.

The owner, Carola Rasmussen, tells you all kind of stories about the sculptures and their creators. Just like every piece of art out there has a message to deliver the same case applies to this captures, some deliver strong spiritual messages while others are decorative. Almost all scriptures are the shady Ndoro garden have wildly exhibited in Europe and elsewhere. She has also made three films about the sculptures and their work in a span of ten years. Those films are now used as historical documents, interesting right?

Carola believes that Malindi is the right place for her sculpture collection. She sees Malindi as the future home for creative arts, paintings, and music. That”s an extra reason why you should love Malindi. When you walk in the Ndoro sculpture garden, the expressions of the sculptures change with the light of the day. The intensity of the rays of the sun and the shadows of the approaching dusk, occasional raindrops add a magic touch. It focuses on the human head and various animals across a range of different styles.

A visit to this garden is free but you have to make a telephone appointment first. There is also a gallery shop on the premises with selected crafts mainly from Zimbabwe and local artists as well. This place is a hidden gem and a must-see.

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