Exclusive Private Oktoberfest-Tour with Food and Beer

Unveiling Exclusive Private Munich Old Town & Oktoberfest-Tour with Food and Beer

Exclusive Private Oktoberfest-Tour with Food and Beer

Munich Oktoberfest

For those who aim to experience the highlights of the Bavarian capital at the most exciting time of the year – during the Oktoberfest, Sepp, The Bavarian Guide unveils the Private Munich Old Town & Oktoberfest-Tour. An engaging blend of comprehensive city experience and the renowned Oktoberfest craze!

Experience Munich’s Rich Highlights:

The package presents an ultimate infusion of a 2-hour private tour around Munich’s Old Town, capped by a memorable 4-hour Oktoberfest expedition. Travellers have the chance to dive deep into Munich’s centuries-old history by exploring distinctive landmarks, be it the grand Frauenkirche, the legendary Alter Hof, or the old yet preserved city gates. Further indulgences wait in the form of the Hofbräuhaus and the Bavarian State Opera.

Enjoy the Oktoberfest Craze:

The next part of the tour catapults the guests right amidst the Oktoberfest festivities. The tour provides for reserving tables for up to nine people in one of the signature Oktoberfest tents, thereby ensuring an exclusive group experience. Here, visitors can indulge in traditional Bavarian lunch, while a generous accompaniment of 18 litres of original Oktoberfest beer completes the experience. Details around the Oktoberfest’s iconic history are also part of the package.

A Unique Oktoberfest Experience:

The unique tour extends beyond the traditional festive indulgences. It presents the opportunity to explore Oktoberfest’s offerings in a whole new light – from the comfortable swirl of the swing carousel to the adrenaline of the high-tech rollercoaster, the choice is yours to choose.

Early Bird Booking Availability:

Sepp, The Bavarian Guide, advocates for early bird booking, thereby ensuring slots availability while also tapping into advance booking offers. The booking process has been streamlined on the company’s platform for greater convenience, promising an unforgettable Munich and Oktoberfest experience.

Sepp, The Bavarian Guide, persists as a frontrunner in curating experiences that combined traditional Bavarian cultural insights with the contemporary spirit. The company consistently strives to present customers with a unique and unforgettable exploration of Munich and its greatest yearly highlight, the Oktoberfest.

Sepp, The Bavarian Guide, is well-regarded for offering unique and enriching travel experiences in and around Bavaria. The service focuses on custom-tailored tours, ensuring to show travelers Bavaria“s true lifestyle and customs under a professional and original local guide.

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