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Onboard Entertainment System for Long-Distance Buses in the US and Canada

Lufthansa Industry Solutions will have equipped more than 230 of megabus“ long-distance buses with „megabus RIDE“

Onboard Entertainment System for Long-Distance Buses in the US and Canada

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Enjoy Hollywood films or surf the Internet: Velimo; the onboard entertainment system by Lufthansa Industry Solutions will make traveling on long-distance buses in the US and Canada even more comfortable in the future. By the end of the year Lufthansa Industry Solutions will have equipped more than 230 of megabus“ long-distance buses with the infotainment solution which megabus has branded as „megabus RIDE“.

Long-distance bus travelers in the US and Canada will not only reach their destination safely and comfortably with megabus, but on the way they will be able to surf the Internet, shop online or watch popular movies thanks to Velimo. The infotainment solution allows travelers to access a varied range of digital content, as well as relevant information and services for their trip.

Travelers can use this interactive and user-friendly solution on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop by connecting their device of choice to a secure local network. In addition to the Internet connection, they can access the onboard choice of content. Based on easily configurable parameters, the Velimo app enables passengers to retrieve current information before and during the trip then enables users to complete a satisfaction survey immediately after the trip. The app will be made available in three languages: English, Spanish, and French-Canadian.

Robust hardware, minimal installation effort

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is re-launching the „Velimo Road & Rail“ onboard entertainment system specifically for long-distance buses with a robust architecture and highest possible level of investment protection. The hardware, for example, is particularly sturdy and resilient to road conditions and can interface with onboard systems and screens. Velimo has a very small but powerful footprint on board comprising of the rugged Velimo SmartBox – including the server, an access point for the WLAN connection and a router for the Internet connection. Lufthansa Industry Solutions facilitates everything – from support in securing content and licenses through onboard installation by working with bus operators to establish roll-out processes designed around their unique needs including ongoing support and maintenance services as well as feature and product enhancements.

„We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with megabus,“ said Mike Oropeza, Director of Business Development for Lufthansa Industry Solutions. „Velimo is a win-win situation for travelers and long-distance bus operators. Passengers have an even more comfortable journey and long-distance bus companies increase customer retention while reducing cost of ownership created by onboard based entertainment and advertising revenue opportunities.“

„Megabus is excited to be working with Lufthansa Industry Solutions on further enhancing our customer experience“ said Colin Emberson, Commercial Director at megabus. „Our customers already appreciate the ability to be connected and powered while travelling. The addition of the megabus RIDE onboard entertainment system to our existing suite of amenities is an important enhancement to our goals of providing safe, affordable and reliable travel.“

About Megabus

Megabus offers daily express bus service to more than 100 major cities in North America. Since its launch in 2006, megabus has served more than 60 million customers. Megabus maintains the highest (Satisfactory) safety compliance rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and is approved by Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX), an independent safety rating organization.


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